Saturday, December 25, 2004

Job hunt!!!

man, it is a jungle out here!
Finding a job is proving to be a health hazard. The anxiety created by the numerous options and HR delays is worse than anything I have endured. Can you believe that it takes over two weeks to process an application and reply to it!!! Plus the HR process slows down at this time of the year as the US stops working for a week starting today!
Anyway, I had a telephonic interview with trilogy last week (from whom I have not heard of yet :(( ) and have a written test + interview with Qwest and TS2 in the first week of jan. So, I am jobless till then (atleast I think so).
I met some of my friends this week in Bangalore. I went to a pub. It is fricking amazing! Great music, nice environment. I fell in love with the place. I think that it is going to be a hangout of mine if I get a job in bangalore!
The place also has a good number of book stores. I bought '75 short masterpieces' in The Landmark (in The Forum). So, I think I will spend most of my money on pubs and books if I come here :)
My only concern is the close proximity of too many relatives :(
btw, those wondering about my CAT result will have to wait some more as my admit card is in delhi and I cannot know if I got through till monday. I hope to get a call from somewhere but I would give it a slim chance as my score was just a little above the 'border'.

The last few weeks I have not doing any writing. I hope to resume as soon I am united with my beloved computer :)


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

New Project

Started writing something. Hope to finish the first chapter by this weekend. Let us see if it turns out the way it looks in my mind.
So far, I have written about 300 words and I feel constipated. :(
I keep my fingers crossed :$

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Last few days

I dont know the exact date I will leave IITK but I do know that the number is in single digits. Isnt it amazing that we spent four years here and time just flew by! The first time I came here, I thought to myself, "four years, thats a long time". Little did I know that time is such a dangerously slippery eel that one could never expect to hold on to.
My exam was on the first day of the end semester exam schedule. So, I had the privelge of having to finish my exams before anybody else! Now, I see people running around, mugging and I reflect on the days when I would miss all this... The last minute cramming that IIT Kanpur has inculcated in us is a practise we never did at school. for school exams, the last minute was earmarked for the fifth revision (or something like that). here, revision is something only a weirdo like Rahul Kumar would do (no offence to Rahul).

Goodbye, IIT Kanpur

Friday, November 12, 2004

That funny feeling in your stomach...

Spending the last few days in IIT Kanpur (again) is not such a great way to end the year. You reminisce all the good times and all the wonderful times you had in this place. Yes, you might wonder about the bad times too but you really do not want to think about it.

Yesterday, the msci guys left the wing on a trip to Delhi to write the dreaded AGRE. So, I was not woken up by Daddu's clandestine visit to my room to check mail. This semester wasnt so bad as I had Adi and George for company but I definitely missed all my ex-wingmates who are scatterred all over the globe...

Yes, this is the end of an era where friendship was the most cherished relation of all. Out of this place and into the cruel world of deadlines and arbit coding. Yes, it will be something that I may come to enjoy but I will definitely miss being a student in IIT Kanpur. Some might wonder why. To them, I cant really explain why... Where will I ever find a bunch of such fine guys and gals ever?

I hear the words of "Final Countdown" being played on some music system in Hall 1. It is as if my thoughts have gained some material form and have influenced some other guy out there. I am getting poetic and that is an indication of how I feel right now. There is a thin line between being sentimental and being maudlin, or is it a thick line? I dont know but I do know this, the guy lost the train of my thoughts and is now playing "brasil...."

We all want a place of our room, dont we? We all think that at some point in our life, we will find it and we will live thereon in the comfort of that cubicle. I have been optimistic all my life (and my preceptive friend recognises that) and for the past few years that optimistic frame of mind has mellowed a little and a bit of cynicism has crept in. So I believe that it wont be so bad out there and I go in with no hope.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Profile Picture

Check it out!
I just made it... I think it is nice. Let me know what you think of it.

Bush wins :((

Just read the report on Bush winning the election narrowly. As it is I have increasingly given thought to whether Democracy is the best way of governance and this result only makes me tilt towards the viewpoint that democracy can work only with a responsible media and once the media is bought by one party, it can be really difficult unbalanced fight.
The recent General elections in India made me think that maybe democracy does work. But that is because that I interpreted the result as a vote against the ruling BJP party and NOT as a vote for Congress. I personally think that Congress has been as communal as the BJP but at a more subtle level. The congress has had its chance for 50 years and I think there has to be a shift in the approach to governance. Sadly, there is no responsible and popular leftist party in India. It is time for the leftists to organise themselves and fight for democracy.
Alrighty then, let me get back to the US elections. How dumb do you think the US electoral procedure is? If you win more votes than your opponent in a particular state, you win all the seats of that state! I learnt that today and frankly, that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. George (my friend, not the US prez) agrees and he feels that he could not have conceived of a more stupider thing than that, even if he tried his best to. I wonder who thought it up? If that is the case, then there is no chance for an independent to affect the presedential elections at all! I wondered at the independent candidates (Thats right, there are independent candidates(!) and there were four this time) who stood for this elections and they didnt win a single seat because of this ridiculous electoral system. That means that they have no say at all. I personally feel that some of these independent candidates were better than both Bush and Kerry.

Ralph Nader (born February 27, 1934) is an activist who targets large American corporations on environmental and consumer rights issues. He is an independent candidate in the 2004 U.S. presidential election. He also received the Reform Party endorsement. His running mate is Peter Camejo.
He was also the U.S. presidential candidate of the Green Party in 1996 and 2000.
In 1965 he released Unsafe at Any Speed, a study claiming many American automobiles, especially those of General Motors, to be structurally flawed. GM tried to discredit Nader, hiring private detectives to investigate his past and attempt to trap him in a compromising situation, but the effort failed. Upon learning of this harassment, Nader then successfully sued the company for invasion of privacy, forced it to publicly apologize, and used the winnings to expand his consumer rights efforts. Hundreds of young activists, inspired by Nader's work, came to DC to help him with other projects. They came to be known as "Nader's Raiders" and, led by Nader, they investigated corruption throughout government, publishing dozens of books with their results.

Michael J. Badnarik (born August 1, 1954) is an American software engineer and political figure. He is the Libertarian Party (a third party) nominee for President of the United States in the 2004 elections.

David Keith Cobb (born 1963, San Leon, Texas) is an American lawyer and activist and the current presidential candidate of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS).

Maryland lawyer Michael Anthony Peroutka (born 1952) is the founder of The Institute on the Constitution and once held a position in the United States Department of Health and Human Services. He is the Constitution Party candidate for president of the United States in 2004. He is running on a platform of "God, Family, Republic", emphasizing the Bible, the traditional family, and the need for a more constitutional government in his campaign. His running mate is Baptist minister Chuck Baldwin.

Even though, I would never support three of these four for some of their views, I would still have preferred them over Bush or Kerry as they would not be corporate sellouts. The genius of the presedential elections is that the vote would be effectively split between Kerry and Bush, and the independents would not matter at all (well, they might affect the result due to Vote splitting but not in the long run as they will never have any say in the governance). Both the Democratic and republican parties have been known to be two parties with similar agenda and similar track record. They have always been corporate stooges who have helped their capitalistic friends more than the layman, and they have both been known to place Pax Americana ahead of the world. In many ways, it is true that US has really a one-party system.

I dont know how biased the US media was but all indications from past reports and statements from highly respected people there is that there definitely was a tilt towards Bush. Also, it would explain why there is practically no support for Bush anywhere in the world except in the US. If the elections were to be a worldwide event, Bush would not even be close! So why are the americans supporting Bush? The answer may lie with the media's role in influencing the voters. Consider this, a few days before the elections, two news reports are released.
1. A tape with Osama "looking healthy" threatening to make 9/11 look like a firecracker. Apparently, the tape was sent a long time ago but was released now as they were first verifying the "authencity" of the tape.
2. A sattelite picture of a "weapons" site in Iraq is released with two trucks parked outside it. The picture was allegedly taken two days before the invasion. Though the report said that there was no evidence that any weapons were moved, there was a clear indiaction that it could have been simply by the mention of the possibility! This is a mischevious report as it makes the viewers speculate about the possibility that the weapons were moved, not just at this site but at other places too. And it takes no genius to guess whom this report favours!
The Bush government, along with the Blair administration, have been shown to have misled and in many cases blatantly lied to justify the invasion of Iraq. WODs figure prominently in these lies. Bush has based his campaign on this fear of the "dirty bomb" and the Al-Qaeda. Isnt it very interesting that these two news reports, which would strenthen this fear, are released just before the elections...

I am tired of Bush and US. I have come to regard that country as a country of dumbfucks, who have benifited immensenly by the WWs, which brought the cream of the world to that country who contributed in making it the richest country in the world. How could any one want to live in a place where the media and the people dont make the sensible and logical choice and where the electoral processes are fishy is beyond me. I certainly do not want to go there. Shoot me if I do...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I am so out of shape!!!

I have been playing tennis with Adi, Tyash and Harsh these few days. I realised that I am in a real bad shape physically! Of course, an outside observer would say that I have been in bad shape for a long time. Yes, I have but I do not think that I have been in such poor condition ever. I mean, I was huffing and puffing within a few minutes! I used to be fit even though I was on the plumper side. But now, I cannot even reach balls that were hit just a couple of metres from me!

Of course, it had to be expected as I have been out of the playing field for a long time but today, I feel determined to get back in shape.

I got the tennis racket this sem to play but Adi being the lazy bug hasnt been cooperating with me to play. Of course, Harsh feels that we should play doubles as we are past our prime... :(

I blame the comps that has entered our lives. I usually spend the day in my room, doing something on the comp. Of course, it is also that I am extra jobless this sem and that gives me too much free time with nothing to do! Lately, I have envius of people with jobs as I feel that they have atleast something to do. Idle hands are a devil's workshop, right? I have not been doing anything bad but I have done nothing constructive either. I had decided that I would pursue my photography very religiously but I have not been true to that either. I have done some stuff at 4 am in the mornings but not much. We spend our lives trying to find out what we want to do with the rest of our lives but I am spending my life here dreaming and contemplating what to do next!!! This blogging is a good thing. Atleast it gives me some activity to do. Must do it more regularly.

My delusions have been cleared today and I feel extra concious of my physique and I want to be active again. Of course, I cannot depend on Adi to play everyday, so I need a new diversion. Jogging and exercises are too boring and I certainly do not have the motivation to do that. I will think of something...

Monday, October 18, 2004

Day for Night - A film by Francois Truffaut

Just saw this movie. It is directed by Truffaut, who is a master of making movies with minimalistic stories. You can describe the story of the movie in a single sentence - it is a movie which shows the joy of making movies.

The movie begins and ends in a movie set, where a french film called "Je vous presente Pamela", which is so obviously going to be a baaaad movie! It shows the fast-paced and stressed lives of the people involed in the film.

What I liked about the film was that it gave me some idea about the workings of a movie set. How they shoot a chaotic outdoor scene, the use of the "day for night" filter (its a filter that they use to shoot night scenes in broad daylight), sound recordings, the jugaad people do at the last moment, the creation of props, etc, etc. The problems of making movies is also shown. There is a cat which doesnt drink its milk and a complex scene has to be reshot as the labs messed up the previous take! Poeple are difficult too. Temperamental actors who have to brought out of their dressing rooms with country cheese or from the go-karting track... "Is is amazing how vulnerable we actors are". "No, it is normal. Nobody likes to be criticized and judged; many have fears about it being judged is so important in your profession, both in your work and outside your work."

Of course, it had the Truffaut touch that kept the film from becoming maudlin; all Truffaut movies have scripts that a second-rate director would have made into a greek tragedy.

The people involved in the movie are all in love with the process of movie making. The lead actor is always looking for an opportunity to go to the movies. "Little restaurants? You must be joking! Don't you know Nice has 37 movies? We can grab a sandwich." And there is the scripwriter who says, "I'd drop a guy for a film, I'd never drop a film for a guy." The fondness they all hold for making movies is revealed throughout the film. "People like us are only happy in our work."
The film ends with the end of the shooting of Pamela. "How strange our lives, huh? We come together, we were like a family, there is so much love and puff, we dont have time to pick up something to, puff, it disappeared."

The only aspect of the print I watched that I didnt like was the dubbing. It was atrocious. I would have preferred to watch the original french print with english subs, rather than watch the way the Americans butcher the foreign films with their dubbing.

I have watched two other Truffaut movies - Jules et Jim and The last metro, and I think that Jules et Jim was the best of these three. Day for night is very good movie to watch if you are enthralled by the art of movie making but just isnt as great as the other two.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Religion - Fiction or Non-fiction?

<[TN]FBMachine> i got kicked out of barnes and noble once for moving all the bibles into the fiction section


Sometimes I wonder about religion and religious texts. They were definitely written by humans and certainly, there is an element of fiction involved too. Like the bible talks about how God created the world in seven days! Makes me wonder what an ingenious mind it has to be to create a religion and that religion survives for thousands of years! Is it because that people are so gullible or is it because that the text really touches the heart of people and helps the people live a happy and contended life?
Seriously, what is it that makes religion work? All religions seem to do is restrict people and surprisingly, people like this restriction imposed on them by something that a dude wrote thousands of years ago in a language now extinct except in academic circles! For example, sex is a very bad thing for the Catholics; they spend their lifes trying to stay away from the evil S and it simply does not make sense! Why would a religion be against procreation, which as the word suggests is pro-creation? Their priets have to celibate and their sisters virgins!
As we enter the twenty-first century, these questions bother me as the religion is a very strong subject in India. For one, there are too many fundamentalist organisations rooted in religion these days. RSS, VHP, SIMI, etc, have been creating havoc in this country for a long time and the people have done nothing to stop them. In fact, the influence of these groups seems to be increasing and our society is tending towards violence more and more. Godhra and Gujarat is an example of that. Stats sponsored riots is bad news for all citizens of this country. But let me stop this thought here. I could write a lot on this but not now. Let me get back to my original thoughts.

What does it take to write a story? A really good one that lasts much longer than your own lifetime, something that would later be no longer fiction? Or was it a real event in the first place? But it still would be someone's version of that incident and how s/he looks at it and what aspect of the event motivates him/her to write it down. Then it has been translated and rewritten so many times that the original story is probably lost and no longer accessible to us today.
Creating myths and miracles has been a quite an old method to create awe and subserveince to the God-men. It is rooted in the inexplicable. Is religion merely an urban legend? people claim to have been helped by religion. Is that really true or are they have been helped merely the the men who speak in the name of God?
The real question I am asking is, does God exist?

Dhande's GBM

I was very interested to go this one as I really wanted ask Dhande where he got the information that the students had 'absolved' the executives. If anything, the Presi was in serious trouble there. The mail from Dhande to all was sent some couple of hours after our GBM had ended and it was CCed to CNR Rao (Chairman, BOG).
Outside L7 there were SIS guards and policemen! His life seems to be under threat!!!
We thought that Dhande would rectify his statement in the meeting but all he did was read his mail aloud and that was it. He ends his speech saying that this is a grave matter and the students should introspect on this issue (basically, a different version of "stay calm" and "be patient"). he did not allow the studnets to ask questions and the students left! That was all... :((

Friday, October 08, 2004

Tuesday's GBM

Well, after all this happenned and a lot of postings on the newsgroup, we had a GBM on 7th Oct.
Let me just give you an example of the posts on the newsgroups...

Yesterday when hall I junta got outside the gate (in front of the tennis
court), we saw on of the greatest incidence of betrayal from our own
batchmate. It's really shameful that when Amit Kr. Singh (aka Aks, one of
the wingmates of Indrajit Roy, incidentally!) was questioned by the
authorities about the gathering.... he actually pointed towards TVAC,
singling him out and said, " Sir, this guy is leading the mob, we didn't
want to come but he said that if you people don't join us, then you are
'hijadas'" Because of his accusation, the authorities called upon TVAC and
took him away. Had the hall-1 junta not resisted it, it was certain that
some disciplinary action would be taken against him, i.e. a DP. How would
you define Aks' action in the face of what was happening yesterday?
It was like a planned revenge that he took. Just as TVAC had called him a
"hijada", he would see to it that TVAC gets punished, and as soon as
possible... even if that means a disciplinary probation for that guy. Nice
one, eh?
i am so unlucky i missed it all yesterday............ but then........
What matters now is that..........mails on newsgroups show that we have a
feeling of unity among us........


Hope we always stand together as one against anything from now
and also hope that we show this unity also against ppl who beat our guys and
not stand like cowards watching them beaten..and then later making someone
else the scapegoat to uplift our fallen self respect for failing to do
anything when the situation demanded an instant action.
Those ppl have left untouched. its a shame..
Anyways, what happened in front of Vh was legendry. yes, we showed that we r
united and that we can stand against something we feel is unjust. i pray
that we keep up the same spirit and paas it on to the generations(batches)
to come.
hi all

on this forum, i will like to ask the Honourable Sports Secretary about the
stand that he took in favor of PEC.

In the DHARNA yesterday,he said "PEC is going back not because of some wrong
that they did but because of SECURITY REASONS."

Yeh kehne ke baad hamare sports secy peeche hatt gaye..junta ne unse fir se
bolne ko kaha and hamare honourable sports secy samne aaye aur bote hain "
agar tumne nahin suna that is not my problem."

When he is our representative, shouldn't he be more responsible in his
comments or is it the fact that he was elected Unopposed gives him this

What beats me is---If he was our "Representative" in the meeting, how could
Big things come with big responsibilties--can't take the it, RESIGN PANDA.

I am not sure if the PEC team has already left..i really don't know.
Correct me if i am wrong ---the PEC team was told that " You are leaving not
for some wrong that you did but because of SECURITY REASONS"

What a let down it might---The PEC team goes back home and says--"Hum IIT
mein gaye..humne unke bandon ko peeta par humne sahi kiya--even unke sports
aapke security ke liye threat thee and so aap wapas jaa rahe hain.Par chinta
na karo..humne IITK ke ma@ b#@ ek kar dee hai"

I just wanted to make one point " IF YOU ARE REPRESENTING THE JUNTA IN THE
OPINIONS"----u can add that the Junta feels this way but i feel that THIS
might be the correct action...don't betray ur junta who sat there for 8-10
hrs hoping that their sports secy will reflect what they feel. True that you
have your own perceptions and notions but YOU WERE ELECTED (EVEN IF
OF US ALL--the basics --the junta elects that person who CAN WORK and who
can VOICE our opinion................NOT necessarily the one who has the

If you don't understand this---YOU RESIGN.

[A reply to the previous post]
Tum jaisa admi se acha hai ki post pe koi naa ho.
Itna ho jane ke baad bhi itni bakaiti aur besharmi se reply karte ho.You
reprsent junta, apne views apne pass rakho.Tunm junta ko represent nahin kar
sakte to post par ho kyun.
Thodi bhi sharam hai resign kar do.
Aur jaa ke PEC mein admission le lo.
[another reply in the same thread]
king Jods u will not understand ne thing because u were not present in baski
court neither u were there in hall3 neither u were there with the junta
outside VH...........Ur knowledge is far away from reality so it would be
better if u keep ur mouth shut.............
yaar ek baat batao in between of a match kaun sexual harrasment kar sakta
hai...... think of it... 300 ke samne!!!
u know WHO U R a pomerian dog who just knows to bark and lick......
u wanna say that u r only shamefull guy who exists in iit....""if u donno
'out the issue just dont bark on newsgroup...""
because barking on newsgroup is the only thing u can do..
aur tum kaun hote ho ye sab bhasad dene wale......
hum logon ko hamari freewill ke bare mein pata hai...
tumhe shayad aise enviroment mein rehne ki adat hogi...kutte jo thehre.....
par hame apni tarah mat samajhna....
mujhe poora yakin hai ki agar tumhare doston ko ya ghar walon ko koi maar
raha hoga to tum bhi unke saath mil ke unko marne lagoge kyon ki tum bahut
bade idealist jo thehre...
u know u r no one to tell us what to do and what to just do ur own
work and in future stop barking and shitting on newsgroup...coz writing
stupid dialogues from movies and sitting in room and shitting on newsgroup
does not effects ne of just keep ur FU***NG mouth shut coz no one
here listens to dogs like u.......and haan one more thing just to open ur
dumb mind the guys were only hooting and not doing ne sort of eve
..........aur haan humne aj ka match dekha aur usi tarah
dekha..........jaise hum hamesha dekhte hain..........humne khoob hooting
kari.....and it contributed a lot in our teams GREAT win...........
and if we should be ASHAMED we should be ashamed of " that people like u r
also there in IIT Kanpur "
i think this much should be enough for next time think at
least 1000 times before posting on newsgroup


I think you get the gist
In short, this was hailed as a great achievement and that students had done something great. Little did these fools know that what this would mean to the students and the executives. There is no doubt in any sane person's mind that the repercussions of this incident would be faced by this Gymkhana for the entire year. The present view of the faculty on the students is not so promising and this kind of behaviour would have an adverse effect on the faculty-student interaction.
For one, Antaragni would be the first major victim.
I got to know on Monday that all the Deans have resigned! Well, looks like the admin was playing hard ball now. My personal view on this move by the admin is that they (and by they, I mean He) are trying to blackmail the Gymkhana to get them to on to their knees and beg the admin to "calm down" (you will get why I use the quotes as you read on).

Ok, let me continue my storytelling. The Presi calls a GBM. We think that this is a perfect opportunity to videotape a GBM meeting.people flock to the meeting but they object the videotaping of the event and demand that the camera be shut off. It is ridiculous that the permission of the junta is required to videotape an open-for-all discussion but as usual we cant explain this to the junta.
He starts off by informing us that the Deans and Wardens have resigned and that the system has collapsed. He says in such a grave voice as if trying to get the people to realise how serious the issue is but he stops there. He doesnt tell us why we are here and what actions he and the execs are doing. He simply says that they have been meeting with the profs and the diro everyday and talking to them. What are they telling them? This question never gets answered (but maybe because nobody asks him that) What does he expect to come out of this meeting? he wants people to stay calm and be patient and realise the gravity of the situation. Uh? What does he want the junta to do? "Stay calm and be patient". D'oh!
Of course, the real issue for the junta was not that and the discussion immediately veered into a discussion on the happennings of that night. Who did what and who "betrayed" the "people of IITK"... So, this starts out with people gunning for Panda's ass (like that was some surprise) and Panda says what he has maintained throughout. Got to credit him for his consistency.
(I wish we had videotaped all this)
The Presi was trying to cover his ass as some people knew that he was the one instigated the mob to shout "Dosa resign" and he accepted all the facts poured into the meeting by various people on the spot. Ok, we can credit him for his honesty but then maybe it was because that he had no way of denying what he had done. Too many witnesses to bump off :)
He was hogging the mike and in the words of Amar, "fundae pila raha tha". We decided to get the meeting be moderated by the Convenor and we used our regular bakra to do that. He he he... Paily suggested that since allegations had been levelled against him, he should now let the Convenor of the Senate moderate the meeting. That really didnt help very much as Chaudy kept snatching the mike from Joe (the convenor) to put forth his valuable comments and stories on the matter.We were generaly pissed with his attitude and at one point when he tried to do that, we vehemently asked the mike to be returned to Joe and must say, it is easy to get the junta to follow suit and stall the proceedings. He had to give in.
With Joe as the moderator, a resolution was passed which declared that the stundet body does not approve of the way the Dean was forced to resign but we dont want him back.

Dhande's mail to all

From Fri Oct 8 02:21:20 2004
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 00:56:18 +0530
From: Dr.S.G.Dhande
Subject: [All] Present Campus Situation and Notice for an Emergency General

Director's Office
October 6, 2004
To:        All Students, Faculty and Staff
From:    Sanjay G. Dhande
Dear All:
I am pained to write this note bringing to the attention of the campus
community, the series of events that have unfolded in front of us in the last 4 - 5
days. The situation became tense starting with an incident in Udgosh on Saturday. A
basketball match was going on between the female teams from Chandigarh and Jabalpur.
Some students  were watching the match and hooting very forcefully.
First, the referees tried to move the group away from the boundary line. Since the
provocation continued, a group of students from Chandigarh team charged on the group
which was hooting at the players. One student of IITK, Avijit Singh, received
some blows as he fell down. He went away to the nearest PCO and sat on a bench there.
After some time, he started walking towards his hall of residence VIII. On the way
back, he met the Sports Secretary and told him about the incident. The Secretary
looked at his condition and found it to be not serious in any way. He requested
him to be forgiving in the approach. In the mean time, the match was held up for
some time. The Dean of Students appealed to all to remain quite. The match was
resumed and completed duly.
After some time, it was found out that the room where Chandigarh students
were staying in Hall 3 was ransacked. The baggage of the visitors was thrown
out on the lawns. Their shoes were thrown on the roof. When these students came,
they were shocked to see the room. The visitors had some words with the students.
However, the situation did not calm down. The visitors closed the doors and
remained inside.
Students who were outside on the lawns, started throwing stones and
flower pots on the window panes. The window panes were broken. Some garbage was
thrown in front of the room door. The Dean of Students and Deputy Director along
with Faculty Advisor of Udgosh arrived on the scene. The visitors expressed
concern for their security. A decision was taken to move them to the PBCEC hall
in VH.
The behavior of the visitors was certainly not above reproach. The behavior of IITK
students in the incidents that followed was equally uncivilized. A review meeting was
held in VH around mid-night. As this meeting was in progress, a large crowd of students gathered in front of VH and squatted on the road. In the beginning, the crowd was focusing the attention on addressing the issues arising out of the bad behavior of visitors. However, at some point in the night, the demand changed to condemnation of DOSA. Students started shouting "DOSA RESIGN". As situation became tense, the Director was requested to take charge of the situation around
4:00 AM. The Director arrived in ten minutes, reviewed the situation with the committee
in VH lounge and agreed to address the crowd.
The Director requested, appealed and pointed out that all students should move
to the lawns of Director's residence and keep the road open for traffic. However, the
crowd remained adamant and demanded that DOSA should resign right there. Several charges were aired in public. The Director responded that decisions should not be made on the streets. He pleaded all to remain composed and think about all the issues in proper perspective. The crowd still remained adamant. At some point, DOSA came forward and said that since he does not see any faith reposed in him by students, he would like to resign and put in his papers. The students
said that they still want to say a few things. At that point, the Director once again requested them to move to the lawns. The crowd moved to the lawns. Students expressed their views. Most of the discussion moved away from the incidents of the night to the insensitive attitude of the administration, in general, and DOSA, in particular. The Director assured that all views expressed in the gathering will be considered very very seriously and carefully.
Sunday was the last day of the sports festival. The Chandigarh team was requested not to participate in the events further. For the performance of the team upto that point in time, appropriate rewards in terms of certificates and medals were given.
All other sports events were completed on Sunday and the festival was concluded.
The student body kept on discussing the matter over the news group. In fact, it can
be seen that the turn of events from "match incidents" to "DOSA resign" occurred due to a series of inflammatory postings on the news group. It is indeed a case of collecting a crowd by arousing emotions and inflaming the crowd. The lack of event management skills on the part of student gymkhana also contributed to some lapses that resulted in this situation. In stead of accepting the responsibilities on the functionaries of student bodies, DOSA was targeted. It has been also found out that some actions and decisions of DOSA have bothered the student community.
Also, some comments of DOSA have hurt the students. However, not a single student came to other authorities like Dy. Director or Director. The administration was not given any breathing space to rectify any situation. The entire frustration has erupted in the form of demanding the resignation of a functionary for following rules, enforcing rules and improving the sports standards of the Institute.
This is the first time in the history of the Institute that a section of the campus
community goes after a functionary targeting him or her. It is indeed a sad and alarming situation. If such practices are permitted, one can "gherao" an authority and demand for resignation of any institute functionary. It demoralizes the entire faculty who participates in several tasks. Many members of faculty have already expressed their indignation and a desire to relinquish their present posts. It will create a situation in the Institute which will break the fabric of participative administration. Students are as much responsible for decision-making as faculty or other officials. They are in several committees. Their views are heard in IAC as well as Academic Senate. The student senate also is empowered to give some feedback and
take decisions.
I was hoping that the student body will calm down and introspect on the actions and thinking of theirs. A general body meeting of students was held today. I am told that they have absolved all student functionaries for the shameful incidents of Saturday night and targeted DOSA for his approach of administration.
I am appealing to all campus community - students, faculty and staff - with folded hands
that let us come forward and bring some positive vibrations in the environment. We all love this Institute. We all are proud of our Institute. It is this love and pride that motivates us to work for this Institute. We want to see our students happy, healthy and scholarly in their thinking as well as actions. If any one from administration or faculty has erred by omission, I beg for forgiveness. It is the support of you all that makes me move forward. My colleagues and students are given full freedom to act as per the ethos of the Institute. It is quite likely that some of us hold different approaches. Even then we need to work together and show to the country and world at large that this Institute is proud of binding faculty and students together even if the views are different. We can openly meet and understand each other. We can discuss
all the issues thread bare. We can give our utmost to bridge the so called gap between
faculty and students. However, I appeal to the student community to give all of us a chance to correct this explosive situation on hand.
I request all of you to come for a general meeting on October 7, 2004 at 6:00 PM in L-7. I would like to explain the situation. I do not wish to defend and hold any egoistic position. As a teacher, I wish to see that the happiness of the students is the ultimate satisfaction that I can desire in my work. No group should not be harsh on any individual. If views are expressed and if corrections are made, it creates a far more positive environment rather removing people from their posts of duty. We are all intelligent people. Let us also be compassionate in resolving our differences. I am ready to make whatever sacrifice I have to make, to uphold the honor and prestige of the Institute. Please remember that our Institute is held in high esteem by the society. They look up to us for leadership. If there is any aberration, let us all work
together to correct it.
I hope I will get a chance to communicate with you.

Sanjay G. Dhande

Events of a sad day (cont.)

anyway, some dick comes up and thinks that this is the perfect opportunity
to get rid of the dosa. he makes the crowd chant, "dosa resign" and he
goes into the meeting and says that he is unable to control the crowd and
they are shouting "presi resign, games secy resign, dosa resign" he and dd
come out and he shouts at the crowd to shut upand mind their manners (in
sipte of the fact that he was the one who made them do it). dd is pissed
and gives his piece of mind to the crowd and as soon as he turns, our hero
asks them to shout louder!!!

dd feels the situation is getting out of hand and calls in the diro at
around 5 am. dosa comes out and the crowd behaves very badly with him.
apparently, a first yearite shouted at dosa to resign on his face!!! so he
offers to resign.

the diro comes and gives a speech in the vh and then he takes to the lawn
of his house and gives more speech. one statement of his was, "so you got
the blood of the dosa. now, whose blood do you want? so this is like the
movie gladiator, are you all entertained?"

junta ki fat le! obviously as they were all first yearites and most of
them there did not know what the issue was at all! plus the diro is a
masterful orator who knows how to control a crowd! interestingly, his
speech has been recorded on candid camera (tehelka style).

in between all this ( i dont know exactly when this happenned), somebody
says that pec is being kicked out. panda corrects him that they are being
sent back because of security reasons, which i think was a extremely
stupid thing to do at that time. the junta shouts at him and he is pissed
and shouts back that where was this iitk unity when our team was playing
sports. apparently, nobody turned upt o cheer the home team even after a
plea from the footy people to the junta to come support the team. and this
was again a stupid thing to do but I suppose he was extremely pissed by
that time.

so it all ends with people thinking that they have somethign great. I wish
I could send you the posts and threads on the newsgroup. I will try...

anyway, after all this, there is a mud slinging competition going on on
the newsgroup. people are pointing fingers at people who did not support
them and calling them traitors (or something to that effect). Guys, you
are very lucky to have got out when you did. I feel really sad, ashamed
and what not to be here and witness this. it is BAD.

last night, i was thinking that I would never be proud of being an iitian

i have not been able to compile everyting I have heard... i hope to in the
coming mails in this matter.

events of a sad day

From apurvams@******** Fri Oct 8 02:13:42 2004
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 20:32:17 +0530 (IST)
From: apurvams@********
To: Aditya Kumar
Cc: Shyam Shankar , shekhawat.ashivni@********,
apurva.mathad@********, gaurav383@********, manav.mital@********,
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kvikram@********, ankushg@********,
4gauravm@********, ddash.iitk@********, sharad.prakash@********,
vs8980@********, mrm@********, rpk@********
Subject: Re: Since you might be curious...

Ah let me add all the things I have heard from people....

> Chapter 2: The Event
> Last weekend was Udghosh (Manav: that is our inter college sports
> festival. I am sure you would have forgotten about it already :-D). On
> Saturday evening, the girls basky match was going on between Punjab
> Engg College (PEC) and some other team (not IITK). As usual there was
> a throng of frust IITians ogling at the girls. Since I wasn't there,
> let me quote from a mail posted on the newsgroup by a witness (whose
> veracity is anybody's guess)
> At that time situation of PEC in the match was not very good and these
> student were shoutin for one girl which may be the captain of pec
> team,that
> "anju ji udhar jao."
> She was frusteted with the performance of her team.She came to them
> and said "shut up".but they took it as a joke and continued the
> hooting.then she went
> to the boys of her college and whatever she said,they came with hockey
> sticks and hurted one of our guys badly.

this seems to be pretty much accurate, though there have been reports that
the guy tried to "touch" the girl concerned! Of course, that may not be
after this, there are varying accounts. One is that nobody noticed the guy
getting beaten up. Other is that some individuals stopped other iitians
from getting into the fight. Some were reportedly laughing at the entire
situation, etc,etc. The bottom line is that the PEC guys went scotfree
from the site.

[interestingly, there are people on the newsgroup saying that there was no
sexual harassment and hooting is very normal and accepted and expected...
man, i pity these ignorant fools]

[another side point, i saw these guys, who were supposedly beaten up wiht
hosckey sticks, emerging from Panda's room and they didnt look bashed up
or anything... apparently, one of them said, " I wasnt touched by a hockey
stick or anything" but then this is heresay and unconfirmed. this was
yesterday night/today morning]

after this, people went to Hall 3 tv room and started the basad in which
the fools broke their own windows and things calmed down.

it was after this that some hall 1 guys went around getting people out of
hall1 to machao basad. one of them was tvac (who regrets doing that now).
they were stopped by a prof (who was there because some guy complained)
and he went like, " i will show you what violence is!!!"

seeing this, some hall 8 guys got people out of hall 8 and started getting
people from 1st and 2nd year to machao basad again. they came to hall 3 to
come to know that the pec guys were in vh with an army of sis guards
protecting them.

so they basicaly go to vh and start screaming outside the gates. inside,
there is a meeting going on with panda and dd and dosa and other execs.
panda is of the opinion that the pec guys should have been bashed up in
the basky courts itself and what the iit guys did to hall3 tv room was
unpardonable too and they should be punished too.

outside the crowd is getting a little restless and tries to get into the
vh... they maintain that the pec guys strted the basad in hall 3 too. two
guys, a third yearite and a fourth yearite say that they saw the pec guys
throw flowerpots... so, sid asks these guys to testify. but they develop
cold feet as they would not be able to explain why they were in hall 3 at
that time...

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

This is my first piece of writing at blogger.

Will continue writing...

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