Friday, November 12, 2004

That funny feeling in your stomach...

Spending the last few days in IIT Kanpur (again) is not such a great way to end the year. You reminisce all the good times and all the wonderful times you had in this place. Yes, you might wonder about the bad times too but you really do not want to think about it.

Yesterday, the msci guys left the wing on a trip to Delhi to write the dreaded AGRE. So, I was not woken up by Daddu's clandestine visit to my room to check mail. This semester wasnt so bad as I had Adi and George for company but I definitely missed all my ex-wingmates who are scatterred all over the globe...

Yes, this is the end of an era where friendship was the most cherished relation of all. Out of this place and into the cruel world of deadlines and arbit coding. Yes, it will be something that I may come to enjoy but I will definitely miss being a student in IIT Kanpur. Some might wonder why. To them, I cant really explain why... Where will I ever find a bunch of such fine guys and gals ever?

I hear the words of "Final Countdown" being played on some music system in Hall 1. It is as if my thoughts have gained some material form and have influenced some other guy out there. I am getting poetic and that is an indication of how I feel right now. There is a thin line between being sentimental and being maudlin, or is it a thick line? I dont know but I do know this, the guy lost the train of my thoughts and is now playing "brasil...."

We all want a place of our room, dont we? We all think that at some point in our life, we will find it and we will live thereon in the comfort of that cubicle. I have been optimistic all my life (and my preceptive friend recognises that) and for the past few years that optimistic frame of mind has mellowed a little and a bit of cynicism has crept in. So I believe that it wont be so bad out there and I go in with no hope.

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