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[Movie Review] Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz comes from the makers of the Shaun of the dead, which was an hilarious spoof of the zombie movies. I loved Shaun of the dead and when I heard that the same guys have made a spoof of those single-man-army action movies, I had to see it. Most filmmakers, after a fabulous debut, disappoint with their subsequent movies. I was hoping this wont be the case with these guys and after watching the movie, I can say confidently that they don't. Hot Fuzz is a hilarious spoof and one that is well acted too.
Catch Nicholas Angel who is so good at what being a London police constable that he is promoted to the position of Sergeant and... transferred to a small village called Sandford. How so? In the words of Chief Inspector Kenneth, "Yes, I can!" Sanford is a small village in the country which has won the Model Village of the Year award a lot of times with low crime rates and a police force (sorry, I mean police service) comprising of incompetent and bumbling fools, the chief of which is the lovably dumb constable Danny.
But Sandford is not as benign as it looks and Sergeant Angle (apologies, Angel) thinks that there the "accidents" that seem to happen with regularity are really murders but nobody believes him and it is all upto him to bring the criminal(s) to justice. Simple enough concept, isn't it? The movies follows the travails of Nicholas Angel, the one man army, and his sidekick as they pursue Sandford's most wanted. Also, the movie makes a case kicks the 'greater good' argument in a amusingly perfect manner and I had to say this way is much better than reading Roy's flowery prose. And their adventures are nothing but hilarious. One scene goes like this -
George Merchant: Thanks fellas! How much do I owe you?
Danny: 20 quid.
GR gives Danny the money. Nicholas snatches the money from Danny and gives it back to GR saying: And here's your change.
GR (accepting the money): Thanks.

This is just of the many funny moments in the movie brought about by some really straight faced dialogue delivery.

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