Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Last few days

I dont know the exact date I will leave IITK but I do know that the number is in single digits. Isnt it amazing that we spent four years here and time just flew by! The first time I came here, I thought to myself, "four years, thats a long time". Little did I know that time is such a dangerously slippery eel that one could never expect to hold on to.
My exam was on the first day of the end semester exam schedule. So, I had the privelge of having to finish my exams before anybody else! Now, I see people running around, mugging and I reflect on the days when I would miss all this... The last minute cramming that IIT Kanpur has inculcated in us is a practise we never did at school. for school exams, the last minute was earmarked for the fifth revision (or something like that). here, revision is something only a weirdo like Rahul Kumar would do (no offence to Rahul).

Goodbye, IIT Kanpur

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