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Tuesday's GBM

Well, after all this happenned and a lot of postings on the newsgroup, we had a GBM on 7th Oct.
Let me just give you an example of the posts on the newsgroups...

Yesterday when hall I junta got outside the gate (in front of the tennis
court), we saw on of the greatest incidence of betrayal from our own
batchmate. It's really shameful that when Amit Kr. Singh (aka Aks, one of
the wingmates of Indrajit Roy, incidentally!) was questioned by the
authorities about the gathering.... he actually pointed towards TVAC,
singling him out and said, " Sir, this guy is leading the mob, we didn't
want to come but he said that if you people don't join us, then you are
'hijadas'" Because of his accusation, the authorities called upon TVAC and
took him away. Had the hall-1 junta not resisted it, it was certain that
some disciplinary action would be taken against him, i.e. a DP. How would
you define Aks' action in the face of what was happening yesterday?
It was like a planned revenge that he took. Just as TVAC had called him a
"hijada", he would see to it that TVAC gets punished, and as soon as
possible... even if that means a disciplinary probation for that guy. Nice
one, eh?
i am so unlucky i missed it all yesterday............ but then........
What matters now is that..........mails on newsgroups show that we have a
feeling of unity among us........


Hope we always stand together as one against anything from now
and also hope that we show this unity also against ppl who beat our guys and
not stand like cowards watching them beaten..and then later making someone
else the scapegoat to uplift our fallen self respect for failing to do
anything when the situation demanded an instant action.
Those ppl have left untouched. its a shame..
Anyways, what happened in front of Vh was legendry. yes, we showed that we r
united and that we can stand against something we feel is unjust. i pray
that we keep up the same spirit and paas it on to the generations(batches)
to come.
hi all

on this forum, i will like to ask the Honourable Sports Secretary about the
stand that he took in favor of PEC.

In the DHARNA yesterday,he said "PEC is going back not because of some wrong
that they did but because of SECURITY REASONS."

Yeh kehne ke baad hamare sports secy peeche hatt gaye..junta ne unse fir se
bolne ko kaha and hamare honourable sports secy samne aaye aur bote hain "
agar tumne nahin suna that is not my problem."

When he is our representative, shouldn't he be more responsible in his
comments or is it the fact that he was elected Unopposed gives him this

What beats me is---If he was our "Representative" in the meeting, how could
Big things come with big responsibilties--can't take the it, RESIGN PANDA.

I am not sure if the PEC team has already left..i really don't know.
Correct me if i am wrong ---the PEC team was told that " You are leaving not
for some wrong that you did but because of SECURITY REASONS"

What a let down it might---The PEC team goes back home and says--"Hum IIT
mein gaye..humne unke bandon ko peeta par humne sahi kiya--even unke sports
aapke security ke liye threat thee and so aap wapas jaa rahe hain.Par chinta
na karo..humne IITK ke ma@ b#@ ek kar dee hai"

I just wanted to make one point " IF YOU ARE REPRESENTING THE JUNTA IN THE
OPINIONS"----u can add that the Junta feels this way but i feel that THIS
might be the correct action...don't betray ur junta who sat there for 8-10
hrs hoping that their sports secy will reflect what they feel. True that you
have your own perceptions and notions but YOU WERE ELECTED (EVEN IF
OF US ALL--the basics --the junta elects that person who CAN WORK and who
can VOICE our opinion................NOT necessarily the one who has the

If you don't understand this---YOU RESIGN.

[A reply to the previous post]
Tum jaisa admi se acha hai ki post pe koi naa ho.
Itna ho jane ke baad bhi itni bakaiti aur besharmi se reply karte ho.You
reprsent junta, apne views apne pass rakho.Tunm junta ko represent nahin kar
sakte to post par ho kyun.
Thodi bhi sharam hai resign kar do.
Aur jaa ke PEC mein admission le lo.
[another reply in the same thread]
king Jods u will not understand ne thing because u were not present in baski
court neither u were there in hall3 neither u were there with the junta
outside VH...........Ur knowledge is far away from reality so it would be
better if u keep ur mouth shut.............
yaar ek baat batao in between of a match kaun sexual harrasment kar sakta
hai...... think of it... 300 ke samne!!!
u know WHO U R a pomerian dog who just knows to bark and lick......
u wanna say that u r only shamefull guy who exists in iit....""if u donno
'out the issue just dont bark on newsgroup...""
because barking on newsgroup is the only thing u can do..
aur tum kaun hote ho ye sab bhasad dene wale......
hum logon ko hamari freewill ke bare mein pata hai...
tumhe shayad aise enviroment mein rehne ki adat hogi...kutte jo thehre.....
par hame apni tarah mat samajhna....
mujhe poora yakin hai ki agar tumhare doston ko ya ghar walon ko koi maar
raha hoga to tum bhi unke saath mil ke unko marne lagoge kyon ki tum bahut
bade idealist jo thehre...
u know u r no one to tell us what to do and what to just do ur own
work and in future stop barking and shitting on newsgroup...coz writing
stupid dialogues from movies and sitting in room and shitting on newsgroup
does not effects ne of just keep ur FU***NG mouth shut coz no one
here listens to dogs like u.......and haan one more thing just to open ur
dumb mind the guys were only hooting and not doing ne sort of eve
..........aur haan humne aj ka match dekha aur usi tarah
dekha..........jaise hum hamesha dekhte hain..........humne khoob hooting
kari.....and it contributed a lot in our teams GREAT win...........
and if we should be ASHAMED we should be ashamed of " that people like u r
also there in IIT Kanpur "
i think this much should be enough for next time think at
least 1000 times before posting on newsgroup


I think you get the gist
In short, this was hailed as a great achievement and that students had done something great. Little did these fools know that what this would mean to the students and the executives. There is no doubt in any sane person's mind that the repercussions of this incident would be faced by this Gymkhana for the entire year. The present view of the faculty on the students is not so promising and this kind of behaviour would have an adverse effect on the faculty-student interaction.
For one, Antaragni would be the first major victim.
I got to know on Monday that all the Deans have resigned! Well, looks like the admin was playing hard ball now. My personal view on this move by the admin is that they (and by they, I mean He) are trying to blackmail the Gymkhana to get them to on to their knees and beg the admin to "calm down" (you will get why I use the quotes as you read on).

Ok, let me continue my storytelling. The Presi calls a GBM. We think that this is a perfect opportunity to videotape a GBM meeting.people flock to the meeting but they object the videotaping of the event and demand that the camera be shut off. It is ridiculous that the permission of the junta is required to videotape an open-for-all discussion but as usual we cant explain this to the junta.
He starts off by informing us that the Deans and Wardens have resigned and that the system has collapsed. He says in such a grave voice as if trying to get the people to realise how serious the issue is but he stops there. He doesnt tell us why we are here and what actions he and the execs are doing. He simply says that they have been meeting with the profs and the diro everyday and talking to them. What are they telling them? This question never gets answered (but maybe because nobody asks him that) What does he expect to come out of this meeting? he wants people to stay calm and be patient and realise the gravity of the situation. Uh? What does he want the junta to do? "Stay calm and be patient". D'oh!
Of course, the real issue for the junta was not that and the discussion immediately veered into a discussion on the happennings of that night. Who did what and who "betrayed" the "people of IITK"... So, this starts out with people gunning for Panda's ass (like that was some surprise) and Panda says what he has maintained throughout. Got to credit him for his consistency.
(I wish we had videotaped all this)
The Presi was trying to cover his ass as some people knew that he was the one instigated the mob to shout "Dosa resign" and he accepted all the facts poured into the meeting by various people on the spot. Ok, we can credit him for his honesty but then maybe it was because that he had no way of denying what he had done. Too many witnesses to bump off :)
He was hogging the mike and in the words of Amar, "fundae pila raha tha". We decided to get the meeting be moderated by the Convenor and we used our regular bakra to do that. He he he... Paily suggested that since allegations had been levelled against him, he should now let the Convenor of the Senate moderate the meeting. That really didnt help very much as Chaudy kept snatching the mike from Joe (the convenor) to put forth his valuable comments and stories on the matter.We were generaly pissed with his attitude and at one point when he tried to do that, we vehemently asked the mike to be returned to Joe and must say, it is easy to get the junta to follow suit and stall the proceedings. He had to give in.
With Joe as the moderator, a resolution was passed which declared that the stundet body does not approve of the way the Dean was forced to resign but we dont want him back.

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Jaya said...

Certain things don't change for better - they only deteriorate it seems. The language of newsgroup postings being prominent amongst them!! Effect of rumours and rashness of junta being others. Too bad.


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