Saturday, October 09, 2004

Dhande's GBM

I was very interested to go this one as I really wanted ask Dhande where he got the information that the students had 'absolved' the executives. If anything, the Presi was in serious trouble there. The mail from Dhande to all was sent some couple of hours after our GBM had ended and it was CCed to CNR Rao (Chairman, BOG).
Outside L7 there were SIS guards and policemen! His life seems to be under threat!!!
We thought that Dhande would rectify his statement in the meeting but all he did was read his mail aloud and that was it. He ends his speech saying that this is a grave matter and the students should introspect on this issue (basically, a different version of "stay calm" and "be patient"). he did not allow the studnets to ask questions and the students left! That was all... :((

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