Friday, October 08, 2004

Events of a sad day (cont.)

anyway, some dick comes up and thinks that this is the perfect opportunity
to get rid of the dosa. he makes the crowd chant, "dosa resign" and he
goes into the meeting and says that he is unable to control the crowd and
they are shouting "presi resign, games secy resign, dosa resign" he and dd
come out and he shouts at the crowd to shut upand mind their manners (in
sipte of the fact that he was the one who made them do it). dd is pissed
and gives his piece of mind to the crowd and as soon as he turns, our hero
asks them to shout louder!!!

dd feels the situation is getting out of hand and calls in the diro at
around 5 am. dosa comes out and the crowd behaves very badly with him.
apparently, a first yearite shouted at dosa to resign on his face!!! so he
offers to resign.

the diro comes and gives a speech in the vh and then he takes to the lawn
of his house and gives more speech. one statement of his was, "so you got
the blood of the dosa. now, whose blood do you want? so this is like the
movie gladiator, are you all entertained?"

junta ki fat le! obviously as they were all first yearites and most of
them there did not know what the issue was at all! plus the diro is a
masterful orator who knows how to control a crowd! interestingly, his
speech has been recorded on candid camera (tehelka style).

in between all this ( i dont know exactly when this happenned), somebody
says that pec is being kicked out. panda corrects him that they are being
sent back because of security reasons, which i think was a extremely
stupid thing to do at that time. the junta shouts at him and he is pissed
and shouts back that where was this iitk unity when our team was playing
sports. apparently, nobody turned upt o cheer the home team even after a
plea from the footy people to the junta to come support the team. and this
was again a stupid thing to do but I suppose he was extremely pissed by
that time.

so it all ends with people thinking that they have somethign great. I wish
I could send you the posts and threads on the newsgroup. I will try...

anyway, after all this, there is a mud slinging competition going on on
the newsgroup. people are pointing fingers at people who did not support
them and calling them traitors (or something to that effect). Guys, you
are very lucky to have got out when you did. I feel really sad, ashamed
and what not to be here and witness this. it is BAD.

last night, i was thinking that I would never be proud of being an iitian

i have not been able to compile everyting I have heard... i hope to in the
coming mails in this matter.

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