Thursday, October 21, 2004

I am so out of shape!!!

I have been playing tennis with Adi, Tyash and Harsh these few days. I realised that I am in a real bad shape physically! Of course, an outside observer would say that I have been in bad shape for a long time. Yes, I have but I do not think that I have been in such poor condition ever. I mean, I was huffing and puffing within a few minutes! I used to be fit even though I was on the plumper side. But now, I cannot even reach balls that were hit just a couple of metres from me!

Of course, it had to be expected as I have been out of the playing field for a long time but today, I feel determined to get back in shape.

I got the tennis racket this sem to play but Adi being the lazy bug hasnt been cooperating with me to play. Of course, Harsh feels that we should play doubles as we are past our prime... :(

I blame the comps that has entered our lives. I usually spend the day in my room, doing something on the comp. Of course, it is also that I am extra jobless this sem and that gives me too much free time with nothing to do! Lately, I have envius of people with jobs as I feel that they have atleast something to do. Idle hands are a devil's workshop, right? I have not been doing anything bad but I have done nothing constructive either. I had decided that I would pursue my photography very religiously but I have not been true to that either. I have done some stuff at 4 am in the mornings but not much. We spend our lives trying to find out what we want to do with the rest of our lives but I am spending my life here dreaming and contemplating what to do next!!! This blogging is a good thing. Atleast it gives me some activity to do. Must do it more regularly.

My delusions have been cleared today and I feel extra concious of my physique and I want to be active again. Of course, I cannot depend on Adi to play everyday, so I need a new diversion. Jogging and exercises are too boring and I certainly do not have the motivation to do that. I will think of something...


Jaya said...

My delusions have been cleared. I will do it... I will do it...

Okay, I will think of what to do!

Nice :-)

Dey, Sandeep said...

Some random notes that ur blog may have created in my random mind :)

Life is an endless recursion of the same basic problems. You had the same problem last year, the same one in this year and (god forbid it) same one the next year.

As far as your playing tennis is concerned , if u r relying on Adi to play regular tennis, u shld know better.

anyway computers are not new to ur life. U have been wasting away ur life on them for the last 3 years as have all of us been :) . My advice - send the damn computer back home and go on an evening walk daily, that ought to reduce some of the extra weight that u have been carring around.


MadHat said...

the point is not of the exces fat on my body but is about the general fitness level...

Dey, Sandeep said...

sorry , my fault , I thought the two were related ;)

Anonymous said...

wtf is going on??
People are generally using my name to gain fame and fortune!! Or atleast as an excuse for their own laziness as usual!
I hereby forbid you from using my name without my permission, especially in negative connotations such as here :P

ps: we will play tomorrow, pukka!

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