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events of a sad day

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Ah let me add all the things I have heard from people....

> Chapter 2: The Event
> Last weekend was Udghosh (Manav: that is our inter college sports
> festival. I am sure you would have forgotten about it already :-D). On
> Saturday evening, the girls basky match was going on between Punjab
> Engg College (PEC) and some other team (not IITK). As usual there was
> a throng of frust IITians ogling at the girls. Since I wasn't there,
> let me quote from a mail posted on the newsgroup by a witness (whose
> veracity is anybody's guess)
> At that time situation of PEC in the match was not very good and these
> student were shoutin for one girl which may be the captain of pec
> team,that
> "anju ji udhar jao."
> She was frusteted with the performance of her team.She came to them
> and said "shut up".but they took it as a joke and continued the
> hooting.then she went
> to the boys of her college and whatever she said,they came with hockey
> sticks and hurted one of our guys badly.

this seems to be pretty much accurate, though there have been reports that
the guy tried to "touch" the girl concerned! Of course, that may not be
after this, there are varying accounts. One is that nobody noticed the guy
getting beaten up. Other is that some individuals stopped other iitians
from getting into the fight. Some were reportedly laughing at the entire
situation, etc,etc. The bottom line is that the PEC guys went scotfree
from the site.

[interestingly, there are people on the newsgroup saying that there was no
sexual harassment and hooting is very normal and accepted and expected...
man, i pity these ignorant fools]

[another side point, i saw these guys, who were supposedly beaten up wiht
hosckey sticks, emerging from Panda's room and they didnt look bashed up
or anything... apparently, one of them said, " I wasnt touched by a hockey
stick or anything" but then this is heresay and unconfirmed. this was
yesterday night/today morning]

after this, people went to Hall 3 tv room and started the basad in which
the fools broke their own windows and things calmed down.

it was after this that some hall 1 guys went around getting people out of
hall1 to machao basad. one of them was tvac (who regrets doing that now).
they were stopped by a prof (who was there because some guy complained)
and he went like, " i will show you what violence is!!!"

seeing this, some hall 8 guys got people out of hall 8 and started getting
people from 1st and 2nd year to machao basad again. they came to hall 3 to
come to know that the pec guys were in vh with an army of sis guards
protecting them.

so they basicaly go to vh and start screaming outside the gates. inside,
there is a meeting going on with panda and dd and dosa and other execs.
panda is of the opinion that the pec guys should have been bashed up in
the basky courts itself and what the iit guys did to hall3 tv room was
unpardonable too and they should be punished too.

outside the crowd is getting a little restless and tries to get into the
vh... they maintain that the pec guys strted the basad in hall 3 too. two
guys, a third yearite and a fourth yearite say that they saw the pec guys
throw flowerpots... so, sid asks these guys to testify. but they develop
cold feet as they would not be able to explain why they were in hall 3 at
that time...

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