Saturday, December 25, 2004

Job hunt!!!

man, it is a jungle out here!
Finding a job is proving to be a health hazard. The anxiety created by the numerous options and HR delays is worse than anything I have endured. Can you believe that it takes over two weeks to process an application and reply to it!!! Plus the HR process slows down at this time of the year as the US stops working for a week starting today!
Anyway, I had a telephonic interview with trilogy last week (from whom I have not heard of yet :(( ) and have a written test + interview with Qwest and TS2 in the first week of jan. So, I am jobless till then (atleast I think so).
I met some of my friends this week in Bangalore. I went to a pub. It is fricking amazing! Great music, nice environment. I fell in love with the place. I think that it is going to be a hangout of mine if I get a job in bangalore!
The place also has a good number of book stores. I bought '75 short masterpieces' in The Landmark (in The Forum). So, I think I will spend most of my money on pubs and books if I come here :)
My only concern is the close proximity of too many relatives :(
btw, those wondering about my CAT result will have to wait some more as my admit card is in delhi and I cannot know if I got through till monday. I hope to get a call from somewhere but I would give it a slim chance as my score was just a little above the 'border'.

The last few weeks I have not doing any writing. I hope to resume as soon I am united with my beloved computer :)


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