Saturday, July 01, 2006

"So why do you write these strong women characters?"

I finished watching Josh Whedon's Firefly series this week. I have become a fan of this man. It is a brilliant, brilliant show. Feminist? Yes. Witty? Yes. Great sci-fi? Yes.
Sad that the series was discontinued because of stupid FOX's scheduling.
They did create the movie Serenity and I hope they will create a sequel to it. More on Firefly later.

Just hear his speech.

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Sony Pony said...

yay Firefly!! I love this show, and maybe this means Firefly will live again? :) I can only hope...Joss Wheadon rocks!

MadHat said...

@sony pony: it does! and I do hope that they continue with the movie series or restart the series...

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