Monday, July 03, 2006

Better late than never...

I forgot to link this excellent, well researched post by obc voice. For that I apologise.

Well, I suggest you read it. And go to the NCBC website verify what he says.

It is definitely enlightening. A limited version of this was posted as a comment on his own blog some time ago. Now, he comes up with much more detailed post that answers a lot of questions. Have a look, read with an open mind and try to engage him in a meaningful discussion. I am sure he would welcome that.

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obc voice said...

thanks for the..approval, apurva.

obc voice said...

And yes, you've put in a nutshell the message of my post. Yes, more folks should go the NCBC site. For everyone's sake. Including my own.

MadHat said...

@obcvoice: you are welcome :)

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