Monday, July 17, 2006


There is a big controversy going around in the Indian blogosphere. Apprently, some Indian ISPs are blocking blogspot sites. And this has been going on for some days now and I had no idea about it.

Shivam tries getting details about why and as usual, he gets stonewalled by the bureaucracy.

And I see that some people are accessing this blog through proxies...

It is not surprising that the Indian Government would seek to do this. India ranks really low in the world press freedom index and bloggers becoming a major force as an alternative media, it is natural for the government to seek to control it.

This does not mean that I support these censorship but just that I am not so shocked as some people seem to be.

We do have the RTI act to help us get the reasons as to why the government issued such a blanket ban on _all_ blogspot sites, which is illegal.

Update: Now I cannot access blogspot sites from home. And I use Airtel BB. :(

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