Monday, July 17, 2006

A descriptive cartoon...

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obc voice said...

had to come here via proxzee. apurva, you might think censorship is expected..but you know what - it hits the small guys harder than the rest. and the minor voices.

started a new blog on blogsome ( continue posting at both sites.

but the cartoon on this post..lifted my spirits greatly..god bless! and thanks.

gaddeswarup said...

It seems to say more in a few pictures than a long cogently argued article.

MadHat said...

@obcvoice: censorsip is always aimed at the minority voices. Somehow, sanity is in a minority.
Successive Indian governments have tried and succeeded in controlling voices. The most extreme version of it was Indira Gandhi's infamous and ill-adviced attempt to control everything so overtly.

@swarup: yes it does..

Ampersand is not just a fantastic cartoonist but also a fabulous blogger. Have a look at his blog at

priya said...

kind of related, recently came across this:

MadHat said...

@priya: I do not think I have access to this site. unfortunately for me, I am not in Stan... :(

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