Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why do you need enemies when you have friends like me?

This is a post that is irrelevant to the nature of this blog but I think circumstances dictate it.

People have accused me of being very stubborn and narrow-minded over certain issues. The thing is that I am willing to listen to you as long as you are willing to make logical and rational arguments. If you do not want to debate or you make unsubstantiated statements, you really cannot expect me to accept them as the gospel truth.

In a debate/argument, both/all the participants have a duty/right to put forth their views. If they think my views are illogical, they cannot just say that and be done with it. Say it only if you are willing to fight me on that. Otherwise, I do not see the point of you getting angry and getting all worked up when I do not accept them.

I have been accused of trying to force my views on others. Well, I do that sometimes. If I did that all the time, I do not think there would be many who would like to be with me. In fact, by my standards, I hardly ever pontificate. It really does happen rarely. People who have lived with me can testify to that.
Secondly, I do have quite strong, unimpeachable opinions about certain things but most of the time, my views are very flexible. If you know how argue with rational thoughts and ideas, you might end up winning me over to your side (if I am not there already). But most of the time, all I hear is stupid generalisations and statements without backing. And when they get frustrated when I brush aside their statements with statements (without backing) of my own, they start shouting and get all worked up. Well, that doesn't harm me at all. Also, I don't care to explain satire to each and every person. If can't understand satire/irony, then I suggest you go somewhere else.

I believe in certain things and I usually do not let my personal beliefs get in the way of my judging people. I am friendly to many but respect few. But even those I respect do not necessarily share my point of view. In fact, I am really a kind of a radical (never thought I would say that about myself, though. But going by how close-minded the rest of the world seems to be, I have to term myself a radical).

I am always at loggerheads with one of my friends. He and I never agree on almost everything. But I respect him and hopefully, he respects me too.

Believe me, it is _not_ personal. If I critique you here, it does not mean that I think you are a moron (unless I explicitly say so).

PS. This is obviously aimed at a particular person but I thought that there was a need to clarify to all my friends who read this blog.

PPS. This would be one of very few personal words that I would put up on this blog. Now, I will get back to critiquing the world around me.

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