Monday, June 05, 2006

Rights and Needs

On of the things that struck me when I read the post of people who are anti reservation was that they were considering the OBCs as needy people. So, they logically came to the conclusion that caste is not the right index of neediness but economic status. Which is why they argue for reservations for the economically backward.

Reservations are a measure to bring about social justice. People have a right to be treated equally and to have equal status as prescribed by the constitution. The fact is that they are not. So, reservations become a policy to give them the opportunity to get a status that is denied to them because of the subtle discrimination that exists in our society. It is a policy that aims to amend the denial of a certain constitutional right to certain communitites.

I was meaning to write a huge post on this but Dr Prof V Sanil of IITD explains this idea pretty well.

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