Wednesday, June 28, 2006

He is back....

I mentioned earlier today that I am an atheist.

Well, I do believe in one God. And His name is Roger Federer!

I love the way he plays his tennis. He plays exceptional tennis and what is truly masterful about Him is that He makes it look so easy. He wins wish such an ease that I never thought He could lose ever.

Along came the challenger, Nadal. All that Nadal has been able to do is win against him on clay. And he made Federer look human in the Roland Garros final. I thought Federer was losing his touch and I feared that this was the end of his reign.

But today He showed that he is still the old perfect One. The way he demolished Henman today was poetry in motion. He just played flawless tennis today and I do not think there is any challenge to this year's title too.

What a difference between the game he played today and the one in Roland Garros a couple of weeks ago. He made 8 unforced errors in the entire match, whereas he made more than 15 errors in every set that he lost in the only grand slam final he has ever lost.

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yhac said...
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MadHat said...

@yhac: realised that I was talking about the Henman match, did you? :)

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