Thursday, June 01, 2006

Some good news from london...

I saw this story in yesterday's Hindu.

A ground-breaking ruling by the House of Lords, Britain's highest court, has obliterated the traditional and somewhat perverse distinction between the
home-maker and the breadwinner on grounds that a marriage must be regarded as an alliance of "equal partners" — and that the contribution of the partner, who
stays home to raise the family, is no less important than the one who brings
home the bread.

Wow! This is fabulous news. This means the housewives can claim equal share of the money that the husband earns during their marriage.

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greensatya said...

I guess it was always the case. The amount earned during the marriage was equally distributed. May be, I am not sure.

MadHat said...

nope, it wasnt.
the concept of alimony is different from this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending the link. My wife and me agreed that it is really very sensible.

MadHat said...

@anon: Not sure who you are thanking because I dont think I sent you this link.
Still, thanks :)

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