Monday, April 17, 2006

Today depresses me...

Actually, I have been depressed for quite some time but there are some days when you just feel so low that you think there is quite possibly no hope out of the situation. The phenomenon of depression amuses me no end and it is one of those areas of psychology that interests me because it is personal.

The reasons for my depression are many - personal and those not so personal (but still are). I wont discuss the personal because I have never done that on this blog (and will never do so in the future, either. For that I have my own pseudonymous blog). I discuss politics here and thats what I shall do today too.

Apologies to my readers for my flaky writing.


Kant said...

You know when you say you're depressed, you should actually be happy. whys that? well you are 'de-pressed' arent you? So you must take a sunny view of life and count your blessings and thank heavens that you arent 'pressed.' Funny, eh!!

MadHat said...

Ah! The idiosyncracy of the English language! They are always funny.

Sometimes one cannot help being depressed despite being an optimist...

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