Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nice post on institutionalised racism.

If you think that is not relevant to India, think again.

Caste system and the Hindu-Muslim divide is perpetrated by segregation.

On meritocracy.

The interviewee basically argues whether the standard tests designed to test 'merit' are really indicators of the true principles of higher education? For example, the Harvard study that is mentioned in the interview found that "the two variables that most predicted which students would achieve these criteria were low SAT scores and a blue-collar background". Now this is an amazing revelation! What if this experiment was done in the IITs/NITs/DU? What might the result be?

What interests me more is this Ten Percent Plan. The plan is basically that 10% of students of all high schools in the state are given admission to University of Texas (the state where this was implemented). With the IITs going the CET way with the JEE (making it objective and all), this study and assertion could be very interesting. Maybe, we could replicate the idea in India. Take the top 10% in all dsitricts (perhaps, even get down to the schools) and offer them opportunities for higher studies in our premier institutes. I would say that this will go a long way in alleviating the huge socio-economic differences that exists in this country.

(I was unable to find a link to the Harvard and Mischigan studies other than other interviews of Lani Guinier, though she just cant be dismissed because we could not find those studies. If somebody could dig it up, I would be much obliged)

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