Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hitler and empathy???

How was Hitler able to rise to power within a short time. His coup was a failure but then he was able to win popular vote and gain a majority in the Reichstag. Just how did he manage to do that? People do not doubt his gift of speech and his gift for rhetoric, because to rile up the public with his hate-speech needed some doing on his part. It is quite well known that he did rehearse a lot for his speeches but did he possess some kind of empathy that helped him to play himself to the tune of the other person? Or was it sociopathic mirroring? Appletree digs this interesting observation from pictures of hitler found on the internet.

Thanks to: Ampersand


Anonymous said...

Interesting to read what you write.

I was wondering where you were after all the chaos & threats that happened on the prev posts.

Good to see u back in writing form.
hope all is well.

well wisher

MadHat said...


Just some things were out of place. No excuses for not writing so long...

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