Thursday, February 23, 2006

Of foetus and souls

An NGO in punjab has taken the interesting step of mourning the soul of a foetus in front of the house of the family that is suspected to have killed that foetus. They call this the shokh sabha and it is probably believed that this would shame people so much that they would stop murdering female fetus.
I saw an article in ToI today but am unable to find it online. But I did find this online. Scroll to the bottom of the page. The NGO is called Upkar.

While I would nod my head in approval of their intentions but I do disapprove their methodology. They are unknowingly stepping into dangerous territory. Attributing a soul to a foetus is one of the ways that anti-choice advocates in the US are fighting abortion rights. While it is debatable whether a unborn child has a soul or not, abortion rights are very important because more than the life of an unborn child, it is the health and life of the woman bearing the child that is at stake. 1% women still die at childbirth and women should have the right to terminate unwanted pregnancies. If you are going to say that an unborn child has a soul and that terminating pergnancies is equivalent to 'murder', you are saying the exact thing as utterred by the neo-cons in the US who are fighting to make abortion illegal or difficult in the states. So, beware and be warned.

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