Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A new low for google..

I am fond of the tools that google comes out with, though I think that now all of them are upto the mark. Blogger is probably the most ignored google product, in terms of new development.
And google is not without retractors. And more retractors.
Well, there is some merit in their criticisms but they generally are cynical and assume that Google would behave like just another corporate.
In a way, the cynicism regarding corporations, in general, is defended quite convincingly by this documentary. But I must confess that I found the documentary showed fundamentally flawed reasoning and deductions.
Recent decisions of google have further augmented the suspicion that google is not always thinking about ethics and principles. The latest one is the most obvious and one that potentially will bring the most ardent google fan out of the camp.
Well, see for yourselves...
Google goes to china and agrees to the chinese government's condition that it filters out its search results. "Dont do evil"? Well, you are partaking in evil when you agree to censor search results to appease the government and in the process, open yourselves to another billion potential users!
There is something called "corporate responsibility". Actually, it is a myth and Google seems to be just proving that fact.


againstgoogle said...

what do u think about

MadHat said...

Well, they do point out the fine prints of the google terms and conditions and explain how those provisions could be misused by google.
I think it is important that there is a watchdog for corporates like M$ and Google. Otherwise, they will just run riot.

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