Monday, November 28, 2005


Well, I am in! Thats right! They gave me a pass and everything. It looks like they are not rejecting that many people as I would have thought and it is not very surprising. The theatres are not completely full for most of shows despite there being more than 3000 people registered for the event! That might also be due to the fact that there are 5 screens, each with considerable capacity (500+) and the organisers are probably anxious to keep the hall as full as possible, you know to show that the event was a success and all.
So far, I have watched 5 movies and I plan to stay till Friday and catch a bus on saturday back to Bangalore. I do want to have a day's rest before reporting back to work on monday next.
Will review all the movies I see. Am already writing them in my notebook (pen-and-paper-notebook) and will put them up once I get back to bangalore.


adi said...

Cool! What movies are you watching?

MadHat said...

A lot of movies!!!
Believe me when I say a lot!
More like 5 movies every day...
And having a wonderful time too.
It is not everyday that you see people like Adoor, Satyu, etc, etc up close!

pseudonym said...

so how many did u manage to watch.... waiting for some reviews..

MadHat said...

well, I did not keep count but I guess it was close to 20.
The reviews are coming soon...
need time to type them up. cant do that while I am working. :(

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