Sunday, November 27, 2005

It is 2.04 pm here in goa...

And it is quite hot out here; a far cry from the cool bangalore I was in a couple of days before! The weather is quite like the people of Goa. The day starts out sleepy, moody, lazy. In other words, cloudy. Goa seems to wake up in the later morning and after a few sunny hours filled with buzzing activity promptly goes back to sleep as soon the the afternoon sun come out of the clouds with full intensity.
It is a place where the people are friendly, polite and helpful. Good food, great service, cheap beer and... topless women. Yeah, as if you didnt know :P They seem to extremely fond of shedding their upper part of the clothing quite literally at the drop of the proverbial hat. Anyway, I am guessing some of my readers (namely my mom and my sister) may not like if I keep going in that tangent, I will drop it at the present.
Thats it for now. Will post after I get to know what happens with the IFFI thingie...

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