Sunday, November 27, 2005

Madhat is back in GOA!

Thats right!
I am back in Goa! But this time I am alone and I really have a motive for coming here. The motive is quite guessable to those who know me intimately and keep in touch with current affairs.
For those who do not know me and have come to this blog through a search engine, I am here in Goa to try getting into IFFI (International Film Festival of India). I had decided to apply to the festival beforehand but my really forgetful mind made it impossible to come true. So I ended up being left with no real hope of knowing whether they would allow me to be part of the festival.
For a long time (for me, it is like an hour), I contemplated whether or not to make the trip to Goa and try to influence the organisers into letting me register. I had no idea and being a little pessimistic, I decided that there was no real hope to get into the festival. The only window of opportunity was that one of the criterion for registering was "Member of cultural bodies" and I have been part of SPIC MACAY for a long time. Though I was the coordinator of the Le-Montage club for an year, I did not have the proof for that as I do not have the certificate with me and anyway, it was two years ago.
So, I decided to try my luck and bought a one-way ticket to Goa. Left Bangalore on friday and the bus reached Panjim at arounbd 11.30 am on saturday. By the time, I got a room, a shave (to make myself presentable, after all I had to make sure that they did not turn me away thinking I was some ruffian trying to get in), and reached the venue for IFFI, it was 1.30 pm. The registrationm would reopen at 2.30 pm. So, I loitered around and when I came back, there was a big queue to register.
I got into the queue and filled in the form. The person asked me for proof that I belong to SPIC MACAY and I thanked my foresight for this possibility. I had been to Manipal for the Annual National Convention of SPIC MACAY and I had brought the conference bag and the delegate card from that event. Other than that, there was no real proof that I was part of SPIC MACAY.
Though they have accepted my application, they still have to approve it and I would get to know whether I am in or out today!!!
So, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the organisers will not disappoint me. IF I do get the thumbs up, I am sure to stay here for the majority of this week, even till the end of the festival and I hope to chat with some of the filmmakers about their art! Wish me luck!
The rest of the time has been spent test driving my new sony cybershot and generally roaming about goan beaches catching the beautiful scenaries and drinking a little beer. Interestingly, I have not had a proper meal in all this excitement!

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