Thursday, February 22, 2007


I finally got to meet Jack Stephens, who blogs here and here and here. He gave a little tour of the city and he showed me some of the areas that we (tourists) never get to see. It made me realise that segregation still exists, albeit in a subtler way. Much of the problems of race in the USA like discrimination, economics and class are very similar to the problems of caste in India. And much of the right wing arguments are the same too.
Later, he took me to an LFS meeting that was protesting the political killings in the Philippines in SFSU.


Krish said...

Good to know that you got a chance to meet Jack and you had the tour. I do the same thing when we have visitors. We try to show How the other half lives to our guests. Even though the discrimination is not as vociferous as India, it exists. htt

b v n said...

Some amazing pics down there...awesome !!

Madhat said...

@krish: yeah, it was great to meet Jack. Liked the tour of the city he gave me. He did say something about coming to India sometime.

@bvn: thanks! I just got a new camera and hopefully, I would get more great pics out of it.

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