Saturday, February 24, 2007

A drop of life

I found a link to a sci-fi film/documentary called "A drop of life". The world's water is getting privatised and this is an alarming trend. There has been huge protests by the people against the efforts by the corrupt government of Bolivia to privatize its water supply. Back home in India, clean processed drinking water is sold to companies like Kinley for as low 60 paise per litre by the AP government (could not find the link for this), which are of course are then bottled and sold at 20 times the price.
Why is this alarming? Because it puts clean water out of the reach of the poor which in turn means that they would be forced to use polluted water and face the health problems that would entail. Maybe tomorrow, they will start selling air too. Wait, they are already doing that!

Thanks to : Priya

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naliniswamy said...

appu very recently i saw in doordarshan news (statescan) Andhra pradesh government is making effort to set up plants for supplying pure water for the poor by charging minimum money.
i feel it is positive step by the government to provide pure water for the people who cannot afford to drink pure water by installing costly purifier at home.please do reply,or call us

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