Thursday, November 02, 2006

So how does one define justice?

You invade an opponent's home, rape and kill the women and children and dump them in the neighboruhood canal. Then hold a communal meeting instructing everyone to just shut up and not say anything. Manage to get the law enforcers in your pockets (because you have the money, the power, etc).

Shivam reports on the mass murder that took place in Kherlanji a month ago.

So how do you make sure that justice isn't served?

Simple, divert the attention to something else... In this case, an explicit photograph of the girl who was brutally raped till she dies. Apparently, the photograph violates the dignity of the dead girl.

Shivam responds to the allegations and calls them petty.


Gawker takes the case of those hypocrites. I love the way he elegantly takes them apart.

Shivam posts his report published in Tehelka.

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Yet Another Atrocity..,000600030006.htm

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