Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reactions to the much awaited verdict

Sanjay Dutt trial is over. After more than a decade of twists and turns, the verdict has been handed out. The court has found him guilty of possession of arms (an expected result) and not guilty of terrorism and conspiracy. The court still has to pass the sentence but he would get a minimum of five years in prison.

I first heard this news on the TV in my office cafeteria. Now my dislike for the television media is quite acute and I really hate their substanceless coverage. But I occasionally see it to catch up on the breaking news. And the news channel did not fail to disappoint me. One of the major things that the reporters were discussing was how much money was involved in the movies that Dutt is making currently! A complete analysis of all his movies in production and the costs of each of them! Apparently, a total of 75-80 crores has been invested that could possibly go down the drain if he is sentenced to prison.

Like all decent, third rate television news channel, the onsite reporter was asked about the reactions of the people to this verdict. According to him, people feel that Sanjay Dutt was perceieved to be a naughty little boy in 1993 who did a stupid mistake and that he has already paid for it and that he should be set free now!!! Ahem, what can I say? Can we say that Manu Sharma was a naughty little boy and who did a stupid mistake while drunk and that he should be let go?
Of course, this is not the reaction of the people but really the opinion of the reporter. In a country where justice is perverted by the rich and the powerful, there are really a few instances where somebody of that class is really convicted for a crime. And when that happens, this is what we are told. Excuses of stupid mistakes of the youth...

Dilip also wrote a post about this verdict. He points out that there were others who were never charged who had also received arms from Dawood. He does not condemn the verdict or anything. In fact, he says nothing about whether the verdict was right or wrong but he suggests that Dutt might perhaps have been made a scapegoat. Perhaps he has been made a victim of a political game but there is no doubt that he deserves punishment for his crime.


Yesterday, there was another important verdict made. Shibu Soren has been found guilty of murder. He has resigned from the cabinet. And like all decent politicians who face imminent jail time, he got himself admitted to AIIMS! AIIMS seems to be the resort of the rich and the powerful and the guilty. No surprise there.
This marks the first time a Union minister has been convicted of a crime! Amazing...


Dr Ashok Dhamija said...

Well said! AIIMS or other such hospitals are the immediate places where such people resort to when put in prison. A similar thing happened when a Maharashtra Minister Saroopsingh Naik was sentenced to one month in prison by the Supreme Court about 4-5 months back. In fact, most of this period of 1 month was spent by Naik in JJ Hospital in Mumbai.

One wonders whether a similar drama will take place now with Shibu Soren. He may continue to be in AIIMS till his lawyers can get the bail (if possible) from the higher courts. And, you'll see that the next day he will be alright!

One wonders when our system will be corrected.

You may see my comments on Shibu Soren on my blog at: ("A few weird thoughts...!").


Dr Ashok Dhamija.

kuffir said...

no fresh posts in a long time, apurva..looking forward to some new insights from you.

Madhat said...

@kuffir: You are the third person who has reminded me of that... Hopefully, I woul dhave something to write soon.

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