Monday, August 07, 2006

"A terrible thought occurs to me. There will be another 9/11."

Those are Robert Fisk's words.

Now I respect Fisk. I think he is one of the few American journalists/columnists who is worth reading but this statement makes me wonder whether he was sleeping all this while? Of course, there is going to be another 9/11. What do you expect after you bomb, kill, torture and destroy one country after another in the middle-east? Is it really that hard to see where this confrontation is headed?

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gaddeswarup said...

Here is a thoughtful article:
 Daniel Levy on the conflict:
Daniel Levy was a member of the official Israeli negotiating team at
the Oslo and Taba talks and the lead Israeli drafter of the Geneva
An interesting perspective from:

MadHat said...

Somehow, I wonder whether all this conflict in the middle-east is a representation of the Israel's fear of the bomb.

It would take just a few bombs to destroy much of israel and if Iran is close to making one, it would explain why there is so much pressure put by the USA on Iran...

gaddeswarup said...

It is possible though there have been long periods without such threats. One perception is that some of the bog powers (U.K. and France around the Suez Canal crisis and USA later on) have been using Israel for controling the middle east and Israel is going along for its survival. But I think that many countries in the middle east have accepted Israel's existence and Hezobollah seems to have started after 82 occupation of parts of Lebanon. some of those areas and some of Palestine accepted under various UN resolutions as Palestine's are still occupied by Israel. If there is a serious attempt at resolution rather than continued expansion and trying to keep the rest of the middle east weak, I feel that progress is possible. Israel has developed so much technology suitable for middle eastern conditions (see, the whole region can benefit even when petrol runs out.

MadHat said...

There have been times when Israel and Palestine have had great peace initiatives but then a change of power in Israel spelled a change in policy. I do not see how Israel thinks that its strategy of keeping the palestinians under terror, in ghettos and building hi-tec killing walls is going to stop the conflict...
Israel's technology is definitely something that the world could use and its neighbours could gain from it. But when Israel itself is so confident with its "to hell with all" attitude (that derives from the support it gains from the US), there could be no peace in the region.
But for the US to allow Israel to form peaceful alliances with its neighbours would be catastrophic to its goal of pax americana.
So, it is really all upto Israel.

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