Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sony DSC

This is a nifty little camera which basically comes with a lot of modes and quite a few features. Of course, the features are too little considering that it is a digital camera. Plus the configurable options of the features that it has is also very limited. So, it ends up being a very good digital camera to start off with.
I use a manual SLR for most of my photography and I usually pride myself in being able to give the right exposure for different lighting conditions but I have always felt that a light meter would enhance my photos. I never knew how much the light meter is important till I did the series of photos of the beer I was drinking (see below). All three photos were taken at the same time and the same lighting conditions but thy have been metered differently. Notice the enormous difference created by subtle changes in the exposure (of course, the focussing has also played a role in these pictures).
It has the ease of a PnS camera with the sophistication of a amateur SLR camera. I love it!
Next step, get myself the DSLR I have eyeing for quite sometime. Wondering how long it will take for me to buy that gizmo impulsively!


expiring_frog said...

Ummm... which SLR do you use? Was it the Praktica, iirc? Doesn't that have a light meter?

And when you say "metered differently", do you mean as in spot vs centre-weighted vs matrix?

Interesting experiment :). I could also do with some of that beer right now!

MadHat said...

yup, but that thing is that there are only two metering methods in the camera - centre-weighted and spot. The second one was centre-weighted and the other two were spot-metered.

I like the feel of the camera. It is so small and unobstrusive. It has features that make taking good pictures a breeze (though I have seen people mess it up in spite of all the features).

btw, I thought you did not drink. What happened to that? girl trouble? :)

MadHat said...

I do use a prakticar. It is a '91 model. It has a light meter inbuilt but that has long since become disfunctional (not my fault, I got it like that).

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