Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sony DSC

Originally uploaded by amathad.

I kept away from all those little digicams and would pooh-pooh their professed superiority but when I got one this diwali, I gladly took it as a nice way to meter scenes and that was the only way I was going to use it, which is why I took both my cameras to goa for the IFFI trip. But a few minutes with this gizmo and fiddling around with its functions, I came up with this picture.
Though I still feel that this camera was limited in a lot of functionalities, yet it is a powerful tool in the hands of someone who knows the basics of photography.
Well, enjoy this scene...
I will post more in a while.


expiring_frog said...

The photo appears to be marked as private in Flickr and I can't get to it. Could you "public"ize it?

MadHat said...

yeah, I marked you as friend. You should be able to see it now.

expiring_frog said...

Did you manually crop it or is this some special panorama mode? Nice pic and nice lighting :).

MadHat said...

Yeah, I did crop it a bit. I was too lazy at that time to get up and frame it better (perhaps, it was the beer working).
Sorry, I saw this comment a little late and did not moderate it soon enough.

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