Sunday, April 03, 2005

This week.....

I had a crazy week. First I arrived a little late on Monday to office because the Bus I took from Goa to Bangalore came at 8AM (My training begins at 9.30 am and I needed a minimum of two hours to reach my place, unpack, change and hurry to my office (no bath :( ) ). In all this rush, I did remember to get my rolls from Goa (one of them is still in my camera) and some old ones (one was two years old!).
After the day in office ended (at 8.30 pm :( - I had to stay back to do some real project related work), I walked around looking for a photo studio. I found one on Brigade road. It was a Pro lab and consequently (in my opinion), expensive. They charged 40rs for developing a colour roll and 100rs for scanning a roll in "low" resolution. I thought that let me just try out this shop once as I had B/W rolls to be developed too and I did not trust some arbit studio to do a good job and this was a pro lab, so... I tok my chance and gave all my rolls (five in all) to be developed, printed and scanned! Yeah, I have them all in digital format and the resolution is not bad either! Some of them are here -
IITK in the night
Teejan Bai in IIT Kanpur

After this, I ran out of space in Yahoo photos :(
I will make another id (it is free, right!) and share the rest...

I visited my sister at her hospital on Wednesday night (she was doing night duty that night) and I gave her the engagement pics which was one of the B/W rolls I developed this week.

I read a review on My brother... Nikhil and I got interested in the movie. It was on Rex (Brigade rd) till thursday. So I caught the last show on thursday night. It was a good movie and I think the director shows a lot of promise. Hope he does not go the Bansali way... Keep watching this blog for a detailed review of this movie.

I had not planned to see any movie on Friday night but we (me and my team) worked rather late that night and my boss (batch '99, IITK) suggested we go to a movie. At first it was Million Dollar Baby (which I wanted to see anyway) but at the last moment we stopped at Symphony and bought tickets for Be Cool, a sequel to Get Shorty with the same character Chilly Palmer. It was a very silly movie and had some nice laughable moments but frankly, not worth your time. So dont expect a review of this movie from me!

Yesterday, I thought I might as well catch Million Dollar Baby, the movie that has been making a lot of noise (and not just in the Box-Office). I went to Rex again to catch the 3.30 Pm show. I did not like this movie. Apart from some really good acting, this movie represents what I hate about the movie industry. Read more in my review of this movie.

Today, I have planned nothing more than write these reviews and alsoe finish the first draft of a story that I have been writing. I have been writing the second draft simultaneously and I have planned to finish that by Tuesday. I think the third draft will be ready by next weekend and then, I will publish it on my blog...

Ok, let me stop all this nonsense on how I spent my week and go on to my reviews...

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