Saturday, April 23, 2005

Films on films

There is this great film fest going on in Bangalore and I did not even know about it till late yesterday evening. It was a holiday for me and hence, I had not checked my mail till I got into an internet cafe and I find a mail from a friend informing me about this event. I am looking at the screen a little stunned that I did not know about it. It is in some place called Guru Nanak Bhavan on Miller Tank Bund Road and I have no frigging idea as to where it is! I ask the cafe guy but he doesnt know either. So I do what I usually do to find some place in Bangalore; I opened my map of bangalore to look at where it is but without an idea as to the general neighbourhood of the place, I was lost. So, I try google and google, as usual, gives me a hint as where it might be - Vasanth Nagar. So, I look into the map again and I discover that Vasanth Nagar is quite near to MG road. In fact, it is just off Cunningham road. So, though I knew that I had missed one movie (The man with a movie camera) and another had already started (Camera Buff), I set off to this place in an auto (and also had a pleasant philosophical conversation with the driver!).
Camera Buff was a very well made movie and from what I saw of it, I was cursing myself for loitering aimlessly on MG rd.
For the next two days, we saw a plethora of movies which all had one thing in common - they were films that talked about cinema. I am on the seventh moon!! The orgnaisation that screened these movie, Collective Chaos, sounds like the kind of thing I have bene looking for in Bangalore. Yippee!!!!
There is a 'face-to-face' with Tibetian poet Tenzin Tsundue about the Tibetian situation and a screening of a documentary at 6.45 Pm today. Unfortunately, my job will not allow me to go. :((
Anyway, I am just happy, though I cancelled my trip to Nandi Hills, where I was thinking of camping in nature.

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