Sunday, September 09, 2007

A short life

I want to scream
They can make fun of me but I am better than them
You decide for me?
I am sleepwalking through my life
Who do I talk to?
One step closer to freedom
Is this love?
Fuck, I can't compete with that guy
I hate this place.
Finally, somebody understands

Money, money, money, it is no use
I want to do something.. not this but this
One. two. three. four. They said sorry
I get rejected and she's happy?
I need to move on, I need to dive in the deep end of the pool
I guess I am really on my own now.

A life
A short one indeed


kuffir said...

what's this? is this *the* 'it's complicated' issue?

Madhat said...

nah. that was just a joke

Madhat said...

actually, I wish it was that simple..

Vikram said...


Madhat said...

vicky baba, nahin!

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