Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A rant against the Americans

I know I have a few rants against the americans but one thing ZI hate is their toilets. The toilet stalls are created with the least concern for privacy but more than that, somebody taking a dump in one of them stinks up the entire toilet! I mean what is wrong with creating a more enclosed place which has its own exhaust system like we do in India? With all their extravgance, with pretty much everything, I refuse to believe that they are saving up on something...


Anonymous said...

Since's comments policy allows people like you to take cheap shots without allowing for - an admittedly cheap rejoinder - here it is:

Yes, I am working on comparing you to the Nazis. I am truly awestruck by your ability to anticipate my future work.


Madhat said...

Since you obviously are quite unaware of what you are unintentionally doing nor do you have any idea of what I am referring to, here's a hint.

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