Thursday, April 05, 2007


"Look, the days of that chutiya Gandhi are gone, OK?" he says suddenly. "I won't offer my cheek to be hit any more", and here he sticks his right cheek towards me nearly as crudely as if he had grabbed his crotch. "They trouble us so much on the border," he says. "Then Godhra happened. We had to hit back."

I have never been to Gujarat. Not before, not after. But those words are disturbingly familiar. Words that were spoken not by a pan-stained-banian-wearing individual but written as a rejoinder to a thread on a newsgroup in my institute, purpotedly having the most highly educated individuals in the country.


Vibhanshu said...

Once I was at the Kanpur railways station with Anant and there was a whole train of Bajrang Dal activist going for a rally. Anant said with people like these where would the Nation go with people like these. I replied, its not people like these that surprise me, but people back at college. The so called intellectuals who are so closed in their mindsets and almost always so retarted in their thinking.

So you back? Lets meet sometime.

Madhat said...

Yes, that was the intent of my post. I got my first shock in the first year when the local RSS pracharak turned out to be a prof with a famous book to his name.
Yes, we should meet. You have my number. I dont seem to have yours.. :(

Madhat said...

correction: You have my number'?'

Vibhanshu said...

Yeah thats was pretty depressing. And if it meant just following their idealogy thats ok, but most of these guys acted high and mighty and try to IMPOSE their views on you which is troubling.

Mine is 9945582130/41259823(Ghar). Whats yours?

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