Thursday, March 02, 2006

Its all black and white for this bloke...

"I was affronted by that "Endulkar?" headline," he continued referring to the photograph caption in a national daily. "When I was a kid, we used to watch westerns on Saturday morning. It was pretty simplistic stuff, with the good guys wearing white hats and the bad guys in black ones. Sachin has been a role model for this team, with the way he prepares, the way he takes on challenges and the way he deals with more pressure than perhaps any other man in the history of the game. But I sometimes get the feeling that the media seems to be supporting the black hats. If we reward the white ones, India can be the best team in the world. If we stick by the black hats, though, no chance."


It is pretty obvious what this bloke is referring to! This might be from the same interview he gave to some British paper where he said that captaincy was important to Ganguly for financial reasons; a statement that has elicited an angry response from the latter.

The feud seems to be never-ending now and there looks to be no chance for Ganguly with the end of the Dalmiya reign and the loss of his place in the team. I think Ganguly brought this upon himself. Who asked him to make a statement that he was asked to step down after his cenutry against Zimbabwe. That was a pretty stupid thing to do.

So far, the Chappel-Dravid combination has succeeded but the true test will come when they go to West Indies in May. The team looks very promising and there seems to be a genuine interest in team building.

1 comment:

Ankit said...

Ganguly career has surely ended.
Now kaif also did a great job in the test so he is also gonna stay.
I have serious doubts abt Sehwag though

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